Copetown Woods Golf Club was established June 2nd, 2003, but its history goes back long before that time. This beautiful golf course was once 200 acres of rolling farmland, a small portion of land owned and operated by Gordon Forth Farms Ltd. Gordon Forth and his brother Neil continue to operate three farms on neighbouring properties along Concession 2.

[object HTMLInputElement]For many years Gordon and Neil grew numerous varieties of fresh vegetables but in 1984 they made a decision to specialize solely in Broccoli. It was a challenge for many years to produce a high quality broccoli crop due to the soil conditions on this particular 200 acres, so discussions began for an alternate use of the land.

The idea of building a golf course came in 1998, when Gord started to enjoy the game himself. He began to research Golf Course Architects and Planning Consultants to determine if it was feasible to develop a golf course on this piece of land. Dick Kirkpatrick was hired to design the course. He presented numerous designs and layouts to the consultants and engineers for their approval. After a long struggle to have the farmland re-zoned, approval was finally given in the winter of 2001 to proceed with construction of Copetown Woods Golf Club.

Development began April 1st, 2002 and was completed June 2nd, 2003, only fourteen months later.

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